e-Framework agreement

A Framework Agreement is an agreement between one or more Procuring Entities and one or more Bidders, to establish the terms governing contracts to be awarded during a given period. The electronic government procurement (e-GP) system will have a provision to setup framework agreements (e- Framework Agreements). A Procuring Entity may use open or limited bidding method to award a public framework contract. A public framework contract may not be awarded through the use of any other method. Public framework contracts shall be possible to be awarded either to one Bidder and must in that case include all terms required to allow orders to be placed on the basis of the contract alone, or to more than one Bidder, however at least three, and must in that case include the award criteria to be used for mini-bids. Such framework contracts may explicitly leave certain specific terms to be established in the subsidiary contracts. Only the Bidders that are party to the framework contract shall be allowed to participate in the mini-tenders.