e-Procurement system

Electronic – Government Procurement (E-GP) System

The e-Procurement System also called the Electronic – Government Procurement (E-GP) System is the use of Information and Communications Technology (especially the internet) by governments in conducting their procurement relationships with suppliers for the acquisition of goods, works and consultancy services required by the public sector.

How does it Solve Existing Challenges

  • Eliminates some manual processes for example Tendering, Bidding and Notification may be undertaken electronically
  • Centralized Storage of Bidding information and thus reduces paper usage and movement
  • Eliminates or reduces costly Vendor Visits to the Procuring Entities
  • the reduction in the paper usage reduces environmental degradation
  • Geographical boundaries are eliminated

Benefits of e-GP

  • Reduces cost to bidders
  • Greater transparency through the automated publication of Tenders and Contract awards
  • Makes it easier to monitor compliance
  • Allows integration with other stakeholders’ systems
  • Easier management of framework agreements
  • Easy generation and sharing of management reports
  • Simplifies the publication of information to Bidders, Suppliers and the general public

e-GP System Modules

  • E-Tendering
  • E-Notification
  • E-Registration
  • E- Evaluation/Awarding
  • E-Awarding
  • E-Contract Management


Online process that manages the tendering lifecycle from advertisement of the notice to issuing of an award of contract.


This is basically a public procurement information portal that facilitates the publication of contract notices, awards, procurement plans, tenders, etc. by Procuring Entities. This information is then available for use by civil society and other stakeholders.


The e-registration module will provide a single interface for registration of all bidders, Procuring Entities, committees, oversight agencies and all other stakeholders who intend to use the e-GP system. All bidders must be registered to participate in bidding opportunities.

e-Evaluation/ Awarding

This module will allow for online submission of bidding documents and will automate the evaluation process. The system shall have a facility to recommend evaluation results as stated in the Public Procurement Act and Regulations. This module will also facilitate the Notification of Awards (NOA). It will send the draft contract online to the successful supplier or contractor from the procurement entity dashboard.

e-Contract Management

The e-Contracts module is a dynamic subsystem of e-GP that establishes, manages and monitors contracts, collates bid history, monitors performance against agreed service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) and alerts buyers to key events, such as contract renewal dates, etc.