Compliance and Capacity Assessment of the Procuring Entities on the Copperbelt Province

2 27 2021


The Compliance Monitoring Unit of ZPPA undertook Compliance and Capacity Assessment at the following PEs from 15th to 27th February, 2021:


  1. Mufurila Municipal Council – where a Follow- Up Assessment was last done in 2017
  2. Ronald Ross Hospital – new Assessment 
  3. Mukuba University-A Compliance Visit was undertaken
  4. Kitwe Teaching Hospital- A Follow up visit
  5. Copperbelt University-New Assessment
  6. Northern Technical Assessment –Follow up Assessment was last done in 2018.
  7. Masaiti Town Council-A Follow up Visit was last done in 2017
  8. Mpongwe Town Council-A Follow Up Visit was last done in 2017


 The main objectives of the assessment are to:


  1. Identify the effectives of the fundamental procurement process in place;
  2. Assess compliance with the PPA and to recognize areas of good practice or otherwise as appropriate;
  3. Assess whether the Procurement Units have the necessary resources and equipment needed to carry out the procurement functions.