ZPPA to go electronic – Government Procurement

9 18 2015

Electronic – Government Procurement (E-GP) is the use of Information & Communications Technology (especially the Internet) by governments in conducting their procurement relationships with suppliers for the acquisition of goods, works and consultancy services required by the public sector.

E-GP Development Impact

E-GP facilitates higher quality outcomes for public procurement through improved accessibility and interoperability.

Enhanced Transparency & Compliance

The application of online technologies can ensure compliance with the existing procurement policy and legislation. An E-GP system can automate the required procurement procedures thus allowing neither purchasing agencies nor bidders to deviate from the public procurement process. In this way, e-GP helps governments to reduce the opportunities for corruption practices.

Economic Development

The level of transparency, compliance, performance and quality of public procurement due to the application of e-GP can achieve a dimension, which does not only provide for the development of a public procurement system that meets internationally recognized standards but also establishes the basis for a sound market economy with significant gains in productivity and competitiveness.