About us


The Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) was initially established under the Zambia National Tender Board Act Chapter 394 of the Laws of Zambia of 1982. In 2008, the Public Procurement Act was enacted and the Zambia National Tender Board was renamed as Zambia Public Procurement Authority. In 2020, the Public Procurement Act No. 8 of 2020 repealed and replaced the 2008 Act. The Authority is charged with the responsibility of regulating public procurement. The other responsibilities are: standard setting, planning, compliance and performance monitoring, professional development and information management and dissemination in public procurement.



To be a regulatory body that creates and provides a conducive public procurement environment.


To regulate public procurement to ensure compliance and value for money.


In its discharge of duties, the Authority staff shall uphold the shared core values, be guided and commit to uphold the values of Fairness, Integrity, Transparency, Innovation, Mutual Respect, Professionalism, Accountability, Confidentiality and Teamwork (FIT IMPACT).  

Shared Values



We shall be impartial and treat all stakeholders the same without discrimination or favouritism.


We shall be honest and uphold zero tolerance to corruption in our dealings with stakeholders in fulfilling our mandate.


We shall act in an open and predictable manner in our dealings with stakeholders.


We shall be creative and engage in research and development activities for improvement of the public procurement management system. We shall adopt and implement practices that promote and protect environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions.


We shall treat stakeholders with courtesy, politeness and kindness.


We shall act competently and uphold ethical behaviour in the execution of our duties. We shall be outstanding in the execution of our duties


We shall be responsible and accountable to stakeholders for our actions.


We shall safeguard confidential information at all times.


We shall encourage and embrace collaboration in our activities




The functions of the Zambia Public Procurement Authority are to:

1. regulate the procurement of goods, works and services by procuring entities and ensure

     transparency, economy, efficiency, competition and accountability in public procurement;

2. monitor compliance with the Public Procurement Act and the procurement performance

of the procuring entities and make recommendations to the Minister on the performance and functioning of the public procurement system;

3. prepare, issue and publicize standard public procurement documents and formats to be 

     used by procuring entities and other stakeholders;

4. provide advice and technical support to Government and procuring entities on

    procurement policy and other matters related to public procurement;

5. consider applications for:

    (i) deviations from public procurement processes, methods and rules; and

    (ii) accreditation of alternative procurement systems;

6.investigate and act on complaints received on procurement proceedings from procuring

    entities, bidders, suppliers or the general public and institute procurement audits;

7. promote economy, efficiency and maximum competition to ensure value for money in the

     use of public funds;

8. promote private sector participation, through fair and non-discriminatory treatment of


9. recommend and ensure the application of preference and reservation schemes to promote

the economic development of citizen bidders and suppliers in collaboration with the appropriate Government institutions;

10. maintain a register of bidders and suppliers who are suspended or debarred from

       participating in public procurement;

11. coordinate and promote capacity building and professional development in the public

       procurement system;

12. monitor the execution of contracts entered into by procuring entities;

13. research on the public procurement system and any developments arising from the


14. organise and maintain systems for the management of procurement data, statistics and

information and for the publication of data on public procurement opportunities, contract awards and other information of public interest. Create in the form of open data on the website set up by the Authority and create a central repository or data base which includes:

  1. publication of quarterly market price indexes;
  2. price reasonableness analyses;
  3. state organs and public entities that are not complaint with the procurement laws;
  4. any information that may be related to procurement that may be necessary to the public.

15. provide guidelines on the disclosure of procurement data and information; and

16. develop a code of conduct to guide procuring entities, suppliers and bidders when

        undertaking public procurement with Government and public entities.


In addition, ZPPA may:

a)  collect any data and report from procuring entities for purposes of implementing

      provisions of the Public Procurement Act;

b)  access information, documents, and reports of a procuring entity in respect of any public

     procurement process;

c) access, at any reasonable time the premises of any procuring entity whose procurement

     is being monitored and request for any relevant information from any person responsible  

     for the financial administration of the procuring entity; and

d) Suspend or debar any bidder or supplier from participating in public procurement

     in accordance with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act.


NOTE: Only ZPPA is mandated to suspend or debar bidders and suppliers from participating in public procurement. The role of procuring entities is to report fraudulent and underperforming suppliers and bidders to ZPPA.