Common mistakes in bidding

Preparation of Bids

  • Amount of bid security less than required
  • Not adhering to the laid down format of the bid security form
  • The validity of the bid less than the required period
  • Qualification and experience of the contractor/ consultant’s personnel given but their position in the proposed project not stated
  • Not stating the work method the contractor/ consultants intends to use in the execution of project
  • Alteration and /cancellations not signed for by the person authorized to sign the bid
  • Offering unfavorable payment terms while ignoring what is provided for in the bidding document
  • Offering unrealistically high prices
  • Not thoroughly examining the instructions to bidders in the bidding documents
  • Not submitting all the required information at bid submission time
  • Requesting for clarifications late
  • Concentrating on the price factor at the expense of other requirements in the tender
  • Not submitting auditors’ reports with the contractor’s financial statements, when required
  • Submitting auditors’ reports prepared by a firm not registered with a competent authority

Sealing and Marking of Bids

  • Not indicating the tender identification number on the envelopes containing bids e.g. TB/W/001/09 at the time of submission
  • Name of contractor or consultant not written on the envelope containing bids
  • Poor presentation of bid documents e.g. Bid documents not properly arranged and bound
  • Not submitting the required number of copies with the original
  • In consulting services tenders, envelopes containing technical proposals and financial proposals not clearly marked

Tender closing and opening

  • Missing deadline for submission of bids (late bids)